Top Tech Skills in demand

Top Tech Skills in demand

The global pandemic pushed companies of various sizes and industries to accelerate digitalization and adoption of new technologies.

The players who are able to move fast gain competitive advantage, and are seeing on average better financial results and better retention of talents ; this has intensified the war on getting the top tech talent. Many organisations seek to hire people with the skills to extract and analyse data that is critical to making business decisions”.

With this premise, here are the most sought-after skills in 2021:

  1. Python: used for developing websites and software, task automation, data analysis, and data visualization; market for Python is projected have a 20% growth from 2021 and 2027
  2. Java and JavaScript: there is currently a mismatch between demand and supply of this skills, with not enough expertise available in the market
  3. Software Dev. Methodologies (DevOps): DevOps is a software development methodology; according to a Burning Glass Technologies’ analysis. DevOps expertise is the most marketable in 2021
  4. AI & Machine Learning: AI & Machine learning jobs are rising and these are the following are the skills in demand TensorFlow, Python, Java, R, and Natural Language Processing,
  5. Cybersecurity: due to an increase reliance on data and cloud, many organizations are making the investments in cybersecurity a priority and, therefore, the demand for tech-talents with this expertise is sharply increasing
  6. IT Automation expertise: tech professionals with this skills can earn the biggest salary premium 

Other popular innovation domain include, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain. To see what roles companies are hiring now, go to To work with Taskforce to allocate the top talents in the market, book your virtual coffee at today.