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Our services and solutions

Are you looking to recruit a high volume of candidates but have an undersized Talent acquisition team?


Are you currently expanding internationally but you are experiencing a lack of branding to compete for the best talent in the market? 


Are  you wasting a lot of time and energy in the due diligence to selecting providers in each country?

These symptoms may be familiar to you:

 Volume bottlenecks

 Long time to hire
 Low traction with active candidates
 Low engagement with passive candidates
 Low efficiency

How does Taskforce work?

Talent Acquisition

At Taskforce we understand the challenges of finding the right candidates

• Peak and high volume hiring;
• Cross-border and International assignments with our offices in 18 countries;
• Innovation Executive Search;
• Senior and Mid-management Search, over 4000 C-level assignments since 1997;

• Candidates attraction Marketing Strategies.

Special Projects

At Taskforce we address your complex needs by leveraging on task forces with industry know-how, talent acquisition and development expertise with digital tools. We create disruptive HR practices.


• Dedicated Recruiting Services (DRS)
• Recruitment Process
• Outsourcing (RPO)
• Talent Pooling, Intelligence

While working with the best digital tools:


oneApp is our own digital platform where you can find all insights about current and past assignments. With oneApp you have:


• 24/7 track of the progress

Keep track of the progress of your assignments 24/7 where and whenever you want.


Comprehensive data 

On our dashboard you can see the progress at a glance with the statistics.You can open current and past assignments to get an overview of all candidates. See who’s interested and shortlisted candidates.


• Integrated one-way video interview

Soon easy access to video interviews through the menu.


• Dedicated consultant 

Find your dedicated consultant, the contact person for all your assignments and get in contact by phone or email.

Background Checks

Check it Easy offers tailor-made background check solution for employers, all validations and reports are uploaded and ready to download on our digital platform, creates a seamless experience for your future employees.


Check It Easy is fast, digital, easy to use. We offer different packages to cater to the specific needs of companies.


Check It Easy is the first background check platform that digitalizes the entire process. Candidates can securely upload documents and certificates on our platform, companies are able to monitor the process, and download reports from a dashboard that has been developed by our own team of engineers.

One-way Video Interview

Video Interview is a web-based software solution for OnDemand video interview that allows you to speed and scale up the hiring process by providing candidates with the ultimate flexibility to answer your questions on their own time in a pre-recorded video interview. With video interview you have: 


A Comprehensive tool 

Use a vast amount of futures such as welcome screen, pre-screening questions, video questions, easy sharing with candidates and access to consultants comments. 


A faster hiring process 

Interview significantly more people in way less time and provide more insight on candidates than a phone interview.


Efficient interviews

Build the interview template once and invite as many candidates as you want. You’ll receive the video interview answers on your dashboard and save hundreds of hours. No need to schedule interviews or phone calls with all candidates, they can view an interview question from the hiring manager and record their answers at their own time.


Easily review and share video responses

Review job candidate submissions when it suits you best and then share

 the virtual interview responses with your team/client.

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Taskforce works with:

Dedicated taskforces
An International network
Agile methodology

Digital HR tools

The benefits for you

• No volume constraints, shortened  time to hire

• Stronger candidate attraction

• Multiple markets but just 1 provider

• 100% digital process, no compromise on quality

• One stop all for human resource needs

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