Product Assurance Engineer

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Reporting to the head of the Quality department, the candidate will lead all the activities related to PA aspects and will act as a focal point for the Customers and the Suppliers/Sub-Contractors for all the PA disciplines.


  • Establish and maintain the PA Plan in line with the project PA Requirements
  • Establish and maintain the PA Plan for Suppliers/Sub-Contractors
  • Co-ordinate all the PA activities in line with the PA Plan
  • Manage the identified Critical Items and maintain the CIL
  • Identify and manage MIPs/KIPs
  • Manage NCRs, RFDs and RFWs
  • Prepare and maintain the Qualification Status List
  • Prepare PA Progress Report and maintain the PA Action Lists
  • Release PA documents (CIL, NCR’s, QSR, Alert Status List, RFW/RFD, MIP/KIP Reports,.......)
  • Plan and Perform PA Audit
  • Review materials, parts and processes against PA and technical requirements
  • Assure the respect of Contamination & Cleanliness best practices
  • Witness manufacturing and testing activities
  • Check and maintain quality control data and records collected during PA/QA management activities
  • Manage configuration and changes tracking
  • Manage ESA Alerts, Chair NRB’s, TRR’s, TRB’s
  • Verify the qualification of the processes
  • Provide support to Qualification and Acceptance Campaigns and certify the achievements
  • Prepare and attend MRR’s, Prepare the EIDP
  • Support and attend project meetings and Design Reviews (PDR, CDR)


  • University degree in technical fields
  • Experience in Product Assurance and/or Quality Assurance in Space projects
  • Knowledge of the ECSS standards
  • Management and technical skills of high quality and reliable products
  • Pragmatic and logical approach to problem-solving
  • Ability to work in multi-disciplinary, multi-language, multi-cultural team
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of English Language
  • Proactive attitude
  • MS Project, Office
  • Experience in managing Sub-Contractors is considered as a preference

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