HRmeetDEV – how to recruit tech-talent

HRmeetDEV – how to recruit tech-talent

Authors: Alessia Savietto and Marco Purita

Milano – On 5th of May 2022, Marco and Alessia from Kilpatrick Group attended the Codemotion event at the Blend Tower in Milan.

The name of the event was #HRmeetDEV, and it focused on how HR people and tech people can connect in the business market. It was developed around a discussion between professionals in the tech world and HR managers. Through a moderator, questions were asked regarding market trends; At the beginning, they showed a comparison about the target market and only 13% of developers are actively looking for a new job and 64% uses their network to search for a new job. Based on this data, a series of questions were asked, such as: What are the main difficulties in finding tech talent? What are the channels to search for developers?

One of the main themes throughout the event was that there is a strong difficulty to establish connection between tech and HR people. HR people and companies make a strong effort to reach tech candidates and often fail to engage them due to various conditions. One of these “conditions” is the new work mode “full remote” that is leading a new mentality across the market, in particular the IT and ICT sector. This full remote condition is difficult to accept for those companies that require the on-site presence.

In addition, the channels used by tech candidates are mainly based on tech networks, developer blogs and others that are not taken into consideration by HR.

Lastly, the big problem is that only few tech candidates are actively looking for a new professional challenge and this means, for example, that they are not responding to job postings. There is a need for a strong employer branding strategy because candidates must be understood and guided towards new professional paths that can stimulate them, offer new possibilities and conditions (not only economical but especially professional).

One of the most important takeaways from the event is that the in-person format played a vital role in driving forward new forms of communication and ideas, and that the power of networking sessions has helped to create new, long-lasting partnerships.

Alessia and Marco joined the event to represent Kilpatrick Group, in particular Taskforce, a Kilpatrick Group Company that combines the expertise of 25-year’s experience in HR and human capital development with digital tools to deliver recruiting experience that stands out from the crowd. We do a thorough due diligence on our clients’ challenges and build a tailor-made solution. Taskforce consists of a team of young professionals working from our global offices. With an agile and fast working method, Taskforce is your sparring partner.

To understand how Taskforce can help you attract the right talent in Italy but also at a global level market and in 18 countries worldwide, book a virtual coffee with Marco and Alessia today!