How to record a ‘perfect’ video interview, in collaboration with Bocconi Alumni

How to record a ‘perfect’ video interview, in collaboration with Bocconi Alumni

Jacob Hoekstra, CEO of Kilpatrick, and Riccardo Melocchi, International Client Manager proudly contributed to the Bocconi Alumni event ‘The Perfect Job Video Interview’. The event, organized as part of the ‘personal branding’ series, was dedicated to those who wish to know the logic and methods of remote selection through digital Channels. A special moment for us, to let volunteers use our own One-way Interview tool. Where we normally ask 5 to 6 questions in the tool, the volunteers were asked to record an elevator pitch that was reviewed in the webinar. To this, attendees received first-hand advice and feedback, from Jaap Hoekstra, Claudio Ceper, and other professionals, on how to deliver the perfect Video Interview. 

The benefits of the video interview for companies include acceleration of the hiring process, high volumes can be screened remotely, there is an expansion in hiring outreach and currently. Kilpatrick, for example, has just launched its new division, Taskforce, which allows the consultant to reach an extensive number of candidates, by our one-way video interview tool. In ±4 minutes the interviewee answers 5 to 6 questions, which allows us to filter hundreds of applicants in a short time. 

The increasing use of video interviews

Prior to Covid-19, only 18% of organizations were conducting video interviews, during the pandemic 86% of organizations included virtual interviews as a part of the hiring process. From 1140 companies this survey was based on, 41% plan to use a combination of in-person and virtual interviews, and 23% plan to only use the virtual interview. Kilpatrick group hired and onboarded 20 new colleagues during the pandemic, from Mexico to China, all online. We see video interviews are becoming increasingly important, however, for candidates, video interview allows one opportunity to make an impression. Now let’s dive into how to prepare for the ” perfect interview”. 

First-hand advice

During the event 5 Bocconi alumni recorded their elevator pitches which were presented during the webinar. It was notable that a video interview requires good preparation and that there are various elements to take into account. 

Key advice and feedback were:

–      Dress code

Prepare as if you go to an in-person interview. Dress in a way that reflects the company culture and the role you are applying for.

–      Be selective in Sharing personal information

Adjust the kind of information you share about yourself to the company and interviewee. For instance, in the US, it’s an absolute no-go to share information like age, children, and marital status. According to Claudio Ceper, in other cases, this information can build the bridge between you and the interviewee. Do your research on the country and company and make sure you do not start your interview without this information.

–      Strengths and weaknesses

Start your weakness from something good. For example: “I am so passionate about my work that I can sometimes push my team too hard.”

–      Be Smart with Sharing professional experience

You can’t list all your past experiences. Make sure you focus on your strengths and what you want to do. Also include numbers and facts to support your experience. 

–      Planning

Rehearse your interview and make notes beforehand. Using a lot of words can be confusing and because you miss non-verbal communication online, some words can be misinterpreted. Be short and clear and go more in-depth with a second interview.

–      Technical requirements

Camera position, lightening, background, microphone quality, and most importantly a strong internet connection. 

Companies are competing for exceptional new talent. Use the advice, master your video interview, and go out there to start applying. 

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