How to deliver the new candidate experience in 2022

How to deliver the new candidate experience in 2022

Getting to know a person behind their CV has been, and still is, a fundamental step to evaluate the compatibility of candidates with job requirements and company culture. The traditional hiring process has been challenged during the global pandemic, it forced a total rethink of the conventional hiring process, making it impossible to rely on traditional in-person 1-to-1 interviews.

The question then is, how can the hiring process be more effective in the covid era? a new candidate experience has merged and been tested during pandic, and it is here to stay. 

  1. Human Touch in Candidate Experience: Going virtual doesn’t mean cold. While automations tools becoming common , especially in the early stages of hiring processes, it’s even more important to have a human touch in the subsequent stages, showing empathy with candidates, and understanding their challenges
  2. Transparency: candidates see transparency and regular updates on their status within the hiring process as a sign of a trusted company, and are more likely to commit their time and energy. 
  3. Virtual tools: video interviews and background checks are vital steps in the hiring process, and also to accelerate the whole process. To guarantee a positive candidate experience, it is important to provide easy-to-use digital tools for candidates, it will also reduce the workloads for the HR department. At Taskforce, we incorporate a digital background check tool, CheckItEasy, where candidates can input requested information by the employers on the platform, and the platform generates reports for the future employers.

Taskforce was born as a Kilpatrick innovation center, an HR tech and recruiting company giving access, at scale, to the best tech and international talent.

We develop in-house our technology to combine it with the human touch of international consultants, with in-depth industry and innovation expertise.

Taskforce implemented a fully digital and agile hiring process at the beginning of 2021,. We structured our activity into weekly sprints (Yes, exactly as developers use to do), making sure that we are constantly following up with candidates and clients for tuning, feedbacks and next steps.

Furthermore, Taskforce developed in-house technology enabling a fully transparent and non-biased approach.

We can rely on a complete tech stack:
OneApp: clients have access to our core tool, ATS and CRM, ensuring transparency and trust. 

Video Interview:  the integration of 1-to-1 and asynchronous interviews allow us to speed up the screening process while maintaining the human touch

Check it easy: our automated background check to share verified-only candidates’ information

Assessment: our Digital Readiness Assessment platform gives us real-time insights about the status of tech and Digital know-how of our candidates

Combining agility and in-house technology, enabled us to reduce the time to hire by almost 50% while maintaining a positive experience either with candidates and clients.

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